Best ceiling fan brand

Best ceiling fan brand

When you decide to buy a ceiling fan, you will find many blades, and it’s pretty challenging to identify which brand is best. You will find a number of ceiling fans from each brand that have different sizes, styles and performances.

Some brands offer high-quality fans at an affordable price. For example, some brands target industrial big fans, some are best for outdoor ceiling fans, and some are good for low ceiling fans. However, among those brands, you will find some major differences in quality and performance.

I know how difficult it is to choose which brand is better than the other. In this post, we select the top 10 ceiling fan brand depending on their performance, price, styles, design, and features.

Let’s take a look.

10 Best ceiling fan brand

1.     EMERSON:

Emerson is our first choice when considering design and performance. They have a wide range of models. They have a stylish modern ceiling fan with great features. One of the best parts is their Emerson EcoMotors is designed for maximum performance at low power consumption.

Another good part of this motor is very quiet even at high speed. If you are looking for a high-quality ceiling fan for your outdoor patio or kitchen, they have some great model that is wet rated.

Emerson is one of the oldest ceiling fan brands. They are producing AC motors since 1890. Their motor is very durable and long-lasting. If you want a powerful ceiling fan to meet your cooling requirements, the Emerson brand is the best option.


Hunter is the most popular and best-selling ceiling fan brand because of its versatile product. Whether you want a ceiling fan with a light kit, remote control, different mounting options, or a hugger ceiling fan, they have all products.

One limitation of this brand is the outdoor ceiling fan. They are not targeting outdoor, and most of the fans are not wet-rated. However, they have some great models with glass shades. So when you’re looking for a clean edges ceiling fan, it’ll be the best brand for you.

The most amazing part is its build quality. Their popular Builder ceiling fan series features a traditional ceiling fan design that is durable and very affordable. Hunter offers plenty of models for your bedroom, living room or indoor uses.

3.     Minka-Aire:

The Minka Aire is best for its modern technology. They have high-quality indoor and outdoor models. Their model is unique and outstanding. You will find some models that are made with wood or wrought iron.

You will love its perfect blade pitch that ensures huge airflows. If you look at the build quality, you will find a premium feel of their product. Furthermore, their motors are efficient in terms of energy consumption. They can reduce cooling costs by up to 40% in the summer and heating costs by 15% in the winter.

Furthermore, their outdoor models are equipped with outdoor lightings that are great for outdoor environments. If you need very bright light with a ceiling fan, you should consider this brand.

4.     KICHLER:

Each Kichler ceiling fan is specially designed to provide you with the best experience for the ceiling fan. This brand is well-known for its light fixture that will match your home décor. With Kichler, you find modern ceiling fans that match almost every decoration.

The speciality of their fan is CoolTouch Control System that makes their fan more convenient. This system gives you an easy operating experience. This brand offers a wall-mountable remote that is very easy to use.

Kichler was producing ceiling fans since 1938, and from then, they upgrade their technology. And now they have great technology for fan motors.


When you think of a functional ceiling fan, you cannot skip the Monte Carlo brand. Their natural design and modern style make their fan very popular to the users—most of the fan matches the room décor.

The brand offers high-quality fans at an affordable price. You will love its blade design because it is unique and stylish. It ensures high airflow. They have a variety of models that will be fit even in a traditional home.

When you consider power efficiency, their product is one step forwards in this criteria. Whatever you want, wood or metal tones, you will find in this brand. Another unique feature is this brand offers 20″ fans that you cannot find in most brands.


This is another most popular brand that produces small to large fans. You will get a mixed match from the modern looks to the traditional looks of their fan. They have up to 72 inches fan. When you consider higher LED ecology with a good quality fan, Westinghouse will be a perfect choice for you.

They are located in Pennsylvania. The current name of the Westinghouse comes from the company Westinghouse Electric which George Westinghouse established in 1886. Last 10 years, they focus on the LED lighting product and then their ceiling fan with a light take a good position in this sector.

7.     Casablanca:

For a simple ceiling fan design, Casablanca is best. Everyone has a different choice; some people like gorgeous design some like straightforward classic design. Burton A was the founder of this company.

These fans have a unique style that puts them in the best position. In order to offer customers the best materials, looks and design, the Casablanca Company has maintained its standardization.

Their fans are a bit expensive, but when people notice the performance and durability of their fan, they are not unwilling to pay for that.

8.     BIG ASS FANS:

This one is best for big factories or industries where general can not cover perfect air movement. The brand is known for its large, 24-feet-long fans. Big Ass Fans even allows for colour matching to match styles, which is ideal for commercial spaces that value branding.

Before a few years, they launched residential ceiling fans in a different section with the name of Haiku. Haiku was one of the first brands to offer smartphone-controlled wireless ceiling fans.

If you are looking for a high tech ceiling fan, this brand is for you. But, who is looking for a big ceiling fan for a large space? There is no better option than the BIG ASS fan.


Fanimation is a leader in innovative ceiling fan designs that incorporate cutting-edge technology for superior performance. They have a large size 84-inch ceiling fan that can reduce 70% electricity bill because of its DC motor.

You might think, how is it possible that a DC motor reduces 70% electric power can. Yes! They use energy-saving technology that makes it possible.

Fanimation has something for every space, from extra-large outdoor ceiling fans for patios to small cage enclosed ceiling fans. You can consider this brand while purchasing a new ceiling fan.

10.                        CRAFTMADE:

This is the last one on our list. They are not a very old brand, but the company spread widely within the last 30 years. Craftmade is committed to providing high-quality ceiling fans and lighting that are both functional and stylish.

Now you might think why we include this company in our list, and this is why you will find a large catalogue of ceiling fan designs, which range from traditional grand rooms to unique nursery ceiling fans for kids. There are over 127 ceiling fan models available right now, which spans a variety of styles. So, you should take a look at this brand before your final selection.

Final Verdict:

In a word, you cannot say this is the best brand when you consider all factors that should have in a ceiling fan. The feature that is important to you may not be to me. A fan will be best when it fill your requirement.

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