Best Way to Clean a Ceiling Fan

Best Way to Clean a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can be a magnet for dust and dirt, but you can keep your ceiling fan looking and running like new with a bit of effort. Regularly cleaning all your fans will keep them in good condition and boost your home’s overall air quality.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Extendable duster or pillowcase
  • Dust mask
  • Drop cloth
  • Ladder
  • Microfiber cloth and cleaner

Step 1: Safety check.

First, turn the fan off as the blades slow down, note the direction of their movement. Then, make sure the rotation is appropriate for the season clockwise movement, warms a room, and counterclockwise cools it.

Step 2: Prepare area.

Then prepare the area by placing a drop cloth or old sheet under the fan to protect flooring and upholstery. Also, you can cover furniture with old cloth.

Step 3: Remove dust.

Then dust the fan thoroughly from the blades. Use a long arm duster if you don’t have a robust step stool or ladder. So the whole fan, including the light kit, can be accessed easily. You will find different types of ceiling fan dusters. You can buy a double side duster that same your time and effort.

Wear a dust mask or cap when dusting a ceiling fan to avoid dust in your breath. In addition, you can use a vacuum cleaner with attachments after ceiling fan cleaning to remove dust and dirt from your furniture’s and floor.

You can also dust the fan blades using an old pillowcase to trap dirt and dust. Carefully insert each blade, then grasping around the opening. Pull it off slowly so that you’re wiping the dust into the case. For this method, you need a secured ladder to reach the fan easily. This is the best way to clean a ceiling fan because it saves your money and time. You don’t need any additional preparation for this method.

Take the pillowcase outdoors to shake out the dust after cleaning each ceiling fan blade. If you are going to clean all the blades at once, dust and dirt might fall on the floor.

Step 4: Clean fan using a cleaner or soapy water:

Then, with equal parts of water and vinegar, remove stubby grime from the blades. Next, wash down each blade’s top bottom and sides, including the arms. Then use a dry cloth to remove any moisture you may have left behind.

Step 5: Clean the light kit.

To thoroughly clean the fans light, remove any dust from the shade and bulbs using a dry microfiber cloth. You will find some dusters that included different helpful attachments to clean the ceiling fan light kit.

To tackle grimy buildup:

  1. Remove it and wash it using warm soapy water.
  2. Once dry, reinstall it with the mounting screws.
  3. Make sure any liquid does not get in touch with any light holder.

Step 6: Clean motor housing and other points.

Next, use compressed air to remove dust from the motor housing and wipe down the base with a damp cloth. Finally, disinfect the fan pull chain using antibacterial wipes while you’re at it. Disinfect the remote. After cleaning the remote, dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Step 7: Regularly clean all fans.

To maintain other fans around your home, you’ll follow a similar cleaning process.

After turning the unit off and unplugging it, use a brush attachment to vacuum the front and back of the grill. For a deeper clean, take off the fan’s grill. Most are attached with tabs or small screws that are easy to remove.

Using a mild all-purpose cleaner or warm soapy water, gently wash the grill and blades. Then wipe them clean and set them out to dry on a towel. While the grill is off, vacuum the nooks and crannies and use compressed air to clean around the fan motor.

Once all the parts are dry, reassemble your fan and plug it back in.

Final verdict:

You should clean your ceiling fan occasionally like other home equipment. If you don’t clean the fan for a few months, dust and dirt will be piled up on the blade. When it will be very dirty, the dust can spread out in your room. So you should keep clean your ceiling fan.

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