can you install a ceiling fan without wiring

Can You Install A Ceiling Fan Without Wiring

A ceiling fan is the most essential and affordable piece of providing comfort and relaxation in your room. Wherever you think, installing a ceiling fan will be added great value to your home. Most new homeowners keep the ceiling fan installing option because it increases the value of the home.

However, if you live in an old house where no prewiring exists for a ceiling fan or for a light fixture, it might be a little bit difficult to run the wire to the point where you are planning to install a new fan. In this scenario, you should call a professional electrician to finish this job.

Most people are afraid when they see there is no existing wiring, but this is not a challenging job for a professional. He can do this job efficiently, and he needs to do run the wire for an extra step than a standard installation. So, if you are already planning to install a new fan in a new room, you can contact an electrician. In this article, we are going to tell you which steps need to complete for installing a fan without rewiring.

Step 1: Choose a good location

At the beginning of your planning, you have to choose an ideal location that will be technically easy and also beneficial for your uses. Two things are crucial when choosing the location: the stud position and how far the power source location is.

You have to select a point between two joists. For this job, you can use a stud finder that makes your job easier. Also, make sure there is a power source near the point where you are installing the fan. Keep in mind; more distance will cost more. Besides, more distance might be challenging for an electrician to run the wire. So, if there is a nearby power source will make your job easier.

Step 2: Get Started – What you need

Without wiring, you can’t run a fan. So you have to install a new electrical box for the fan. And select a nearby switch box to run the cable. You should also calculate the load of this circuit. If the circuit is overloaded, you need to run a new wire for a new circuit breaker.

Then choose a point for placing the switch. At first, we have to supply power from an old switch box to a new switch and then from the switch box to the electrical fan box. Always run four wires from your new box to the fan box. One is for the fan, and the other one is for the light. So you have to run four wires: red is for light, black is for fan, white is for neutral, and yellow or copper wire is for ground.

Even if you do not buy a ceiling fan with light now, run the wire for the light switch, and it will save you a lot of money and time for the future.

Ceiling fan support box

You have to buy a ceiling fan support box with a brace kit. Besides, you have to buy cable according to the length of your point. Measure the length from the power source to the new switch box and then the switch box to the electrical fan box. Also, buy wire nuts and electrical tape.

Step 3: Cut the hole

Hold the electrical box on your selected point and mark the area according to the shape of the fan box. Then cut the hole carefully using a keyhole saw or a sharp knife.

Step 4: Turn off the power

Before running the wiring, you have to make sure there is no electricity.

Step 5: Run the wire

At first, have to run the wire from the existing power source to the newly installed switch box point. And then run the wire from the switch box to the fan box hole. For this part, you should call a professional.

Step 6: Install fan brace box

Insert the brace into the hole, place it at the center of the hole, and then turn the shaft by your hand to secure the brace with the studs. Now, slip the saddle over the brace, place the box, and tighten the screw to secure the box with the saddle.

Step 7: Hang your fan.

After completing all the tasks, you can hang your newly assembled fan with the fan bracket. And then completer the wiring. It depends on your fan, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to finish the wiring.

Final Verdict:

Ceiling fan installation without wiring is not a job for general people. For this job, you must contact a certified electrician who helps you most. The final word is you have to be sure that you can install a new fan in your room without prewiring.

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