ceiling fan box vs lightbox

Ceiling Fan Box Vs Lightbox

There are different types of electrical boxes available in the market, and they have different purposes. Ceiling fan boxes are specially made for supporting a heavy ceiling fan. For example, the medium ceiling fan box can support up to 80 lbs, while the heavy one can support 150 lbs. So you should keep this in mind when buying a fan box. Installation The installation is pretty easy with the help of the mounting plate attached to the box.

If the lightbox is made of plastic, it will be lighter and cost cheaper. On the contrary, different types of lightboxes have an extra weight capacity. The sturdy metal ones are heavier and more substantial, although they are more expensive too.

Ceiling fan box types and uses:

Pancake and standard boxes are the two significant types of fan boxes. The pancake is only 0.5 inches deep, and the standard box is 2.125 inches deep.

The box must be UL-rated to hang a ceiling fan. This rating ensures the box is capable of supporting a ceiling fan. It would be best if you did not use a general electrical box to hang a ceiling fan.

A fan-rated box can support up to 75 pounds. It depends on the mounting method. This box can mount in different ways, such as directly to the stud or between two joists through an adjustable brace.

Electrical lightbox types and uses:

Octagon and round shape types are the most used lightbox. They can be 1.5 inches to 3 inches deep. It can take 50 pounds of weight. You will find a metal or plastic box. Round plastic box is the most popular because of their versatility. It is suitable for “old work” or existing surfaces. You don’t need to cut a larger hole in your drywall.

Materials of electrical Boxes:

Different types of materials are used for electrical boxes. Plastic and metal are the two most common materials used to make electrical boxes. Electrical boxes made of cast aluminum are typically used in outdoor applications. They have the advantage of being highly resistant to corrosion. Cast aluminum boxes are more expensive than plastic or steel, but they are sturdier and last longer.

Electrical boxes should be sturdy and should be able to withstand vibrations and other environmental factors. Some of the most common types of electrical boxes include Flush Boxes: These boxes can be mounted flush against a wall. They are usually mounted on a mounting surface such as a stud or joist.

How do you know if your existing box can support a ceiling fan?

Most manufacturer marks the box as capable or not for a ceiling fan. Also, you will find the rating of the weight capacity on the body of the box. If it is less than 75 pounds, it cannot support a ceiling fan.

Can a plastic electrical box support a ceiling fan?

Unlike most electrical boxes, it is impossible to install a ceiling fan inside a plastic box. A metal electrical box or a box made from a material such as clay or concrete is necessary. Electrical boxes for ceiling fans are specially designed to support the weight of the fan and blades as well as the motor. The box is typically made from steel or cast iron and may include a sleeve that securely fastens the box to the ceiling joists.

Can my light fixture support a ceiling fan?

No, you can’t use a regular light fixture box for hanging a ceiling fan because it cannot support a ceiling fan weight. The solution is to use a heavy-duty box that’s rated for weight as the fan you’re installing. The box has to be at least as strong as the fan’s mounting bracket. You can find boxes designed for this purpose at home centers and hardware stores.

Final Verdict:

The ceiling fan box and lightbox are two different things. One can hold a small weight, and another can hold a heavy-weight component like a ceiling fan. Before installing a ceiling fan, this is the first thing you need to check the box is fan-rated or not.

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