Ceiling fan works but lights do not

Ceiling Fan Works But Lights Do Not

When your ceiling fan light stops working suddenly, probably, at first, you check the light bulb, then light switch. But when you see both the switch and light bulb are ok, then you may be concerned. It can happen your ceiling fan works, but light does not. Many factors can cause this issue.

So, in the beginning, you have to identify why light does not work. This article will describe the possible reasons why your fan light does not work and their possible solutions.

There are many advantages to having a ceiling fan with a light fixture. Most importantly, you can save money on energy costs. Nowadays, most ceiling fans are equipped with light, but they can be troubled at any time. The lights may go out entirely in some cases, but the blades continue to spin. So, what causes this problem, and how do you fix a ceiling fan light kit? Let’s take a look.

Why is the light not working?

Ceiling fan lights not working is a common issue that can be caused by the ceiling fan light kit or an electrical wiring issue. A loose wire connection is the most common reason. Since the fan is a moving part and a little vibration generates all electrical motors, so the loose connection is a common issue for a ceiling fan.

Regardless of the cause, there are several troubleshooting steps before replacing the ceiling fan light kit. First, ensure the bulbs are still working, and all connections are secure. If not, replace the bulb or check the circuit breaker. If the problem persists, the light kit may need to be replaced.

If you face this type of issue for a new ceiling fan, first check all the wire connections, and if you don’t find anything, probably this is a manufacturing fault or might be a damaged light kit. So, you can claim for the replacement.

How to fix ceiling fan light:

There might have been different issues, and you have to check step by step to detect the problem.

Step 1: Check the light bulb.

At first, you have to check the light bulb. If bulbs are burned out, the light is not working, and most people check it first. If you have multiple light bulbs in your ceiling fan light fixture, it should work even if one is faulty.

Besides, you should check the bulb socket and make sure it is screwed well. All the fans recommended a wattage limit, so you should not go above the limit.

Step 2: Check the wire connection.

This is the possible reason your fan light does not work. SO, you have to check it carefully. To reach the fan, set up a step ladder and make sure it is placed on a flat surface. To inspect the light wiring, you need to remove the light globe and light kit. Use a screwdriver, and lose all the screws that secured the light kit with the fan housing. After removing the light kit, you will see the wire connection. See carefully; if there is any charred or burn sign, change the wire. Manually check all the wire connectors; if you find any loose connection, fix it immediately.

Step 3: Check ceiling fan pull switch.

A good switch should have a clickable sound when you pull the cord every time. To check it accurately, you have to remove it and then open the switch cover and see there is any burn or damage sign. If you think the pull switch has gone bad, change it.

Step 4: Inspect the socket.

It might be another reason for this problem. This is easy to check. Remove the bulb and see inside the socket; if you find it burned out, you have to replace it. An electric short in the wiring is usually the cause of this. If the socket in the light kit has burned out, the best solution is to replace it.

Step 5: Reset the remote.

If you control your ceiling fan using a remote control, the remote can be unable to transfer the signal to the receiver. Sometimes, it can be solved just by resetting the remote. Ceiling fan reset is an easy process and just need a few second.

To reset your fan;

First, turn off your fan using the remote.

Wait for 20 seconds and then press and hold the power button for 10

Second. Resetting the remote control restores its functionality, including the ability to control the lights. Get a replacement remote if this doesn’t work.

Final Verdict:

Ceiling fans are the most commonly used equipment, and this is very important when your room is lighting just by the ceiling fan light. If you know the basics and check the fanlight, you can solve this issue immediately.

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