does a ceiling fan need a wall switch

Does A Ceiling Fan Need A Wall Switch

You can operate your ceiling fan in three different ways. The wall switch is the most reliable and common type. Without a wall switch, you can’t operate a ceiling fan, not like that, but if you have a wall switch, it ensures you the most reliable service.

Before buying a ceiling fan, make sure the fan comes with a wall switch. You also can buy it separately. If the installation is not very complicated and expensive in your space, you should install a wall switch to operate your ceiling fan.

A remote will provide you with some extra benefits. If you have a remote, you can skip the wall switch (if the installation will not be easy for you). On the contrary, some ceiling fans do not provide remote, but they are remote control adaptable. For this type of fan, you can buy a remote control separately what they recommend. Some classic and traditional fans offer pull-chain switches.

Most of the fan brands include a 3-speed wall switch that is generally suitable for a standard switch plate. Typically, they do not include the plate. So, you can choose any type of plate that will match your home decor.

Advantages of wall switch:

The wall switch is the most reliable option for a ceiling fan. If you have a wall switch, it will provide you with long term service. When you change your old fan, you don’t need to overthink about controlling your fan because you have a permanent option. Most of the fan comes with a wall switch that is another good side.

The best thing is there is no chance of being lost like a remote. You don’t need to buy batteries after a few months later. There is another freedom to operate the fan and light separately. You can control speeds using a wall switch.

Disadvantages of wall switch:

Despite many advantages, there are some limitations. To install a wall switch, you need some extra wire, so you have to spend some extra money. You can’t change the position easily if you see the location is not perfect in your room. If you do not have the wall/ceiling cavity, you can’t install it easily. And the primary bad side is the cost, and it is costly and challenging to install.

Advantages of Remote control:

The best thing is controlling. You can control your ceiling fan from anywhere. Can you imagine, without a remote, when you are relaxing on your bed or watching a movie, and you need to control the speed of your fan? How difficult may it be?

You can keep your remote anywhere you want. Another good thing is low costing. There is no extra installation cost for the ceiling fan remote.

Disadvantages of remote control:

It can break or damage anyhow accidentally. Another downside is you need to remember where you kept it. In an emergency moment, if you do not find the remote, it might be annoying.

Replacement of a remote is difficult, you have to find a similar remote, or you need a qualified electrician to install a new remote receiver.

Advantages of pull chain switch:

Most of the fan brands offer pull-chain switches without any extra charge. It is a reliable way to operate and easy to control your fan speed. You don’t need any additional charge for installing this switch.

There is no chance of losing like a remote. Using a pull chain, you can control your ceiling fan and light easily.

Disadvantages of pull chain switch:

Many people search on the internet how to turn off a ceiling fan without the chain. With a pull chain switch, you must have another operation method. Can you imagine if the chain is broken while running your fan and you have no other option to control it? How do you stop your ceiling fan?

Another bad side is it is hard to tell the speed level. If your ceiling is very high, it might be difficult to reach for you. You need a wall switch or a remote if you want a dimmable option for a ceiling fan light.

Final Verdict:

A ceiling fan is the most common home equipment. Since temperature does not remain the same at different times during day and night, airflow control is necessary for everyone. Without a reliable and comfortable operation, you will not be happy with your ceiling fan. So, our final recommendation is if it is possible to you to install a wall switch, you should do.

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