How to Fix Ceiling Fan Chain

How to Fix Ceiling Fan Chain

A ceiling fan pull chain can break any time; it’s a common problem. Even during normal operation, it can happen. You can easily fix it. There is an easy way. Luckily, you don’t need to call an electrician or need to buy a new ceiling fan.

Within a few minutes, you can repair it or replace it. It’s an affordable and simple way. This post helps you most how to fix a broken ceiling fan chain quickly.

Let’s take a look.

Necessary tools and component

  • Wire stripper
  • Step ladder
  • Voltage tester
  • Manual screwdriver
  • Pull chain extender
  • New pull chain (if need)
  • Electrical wire nuts

A ceiling fan chain can break two different ways: internally or externally. If it breaks externally, you can easily repair it within a few minutes. But, when it breaks internally, you need to open the lighting fixture and fan housing.

If the chain breaks outside of the fan body, it will be visible. To repair it, you need an extension chain. To reattach a chain extension, a minimum level (at least half an inch) extended chain have to be outside of the fan housing. Add the extension to the rest of the ceiling fan chain and press firmly into the connector.

For Internal Ceiling Fan Chain Breaks

Step 1: Safety first.

To be safe, turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Open the breaker and shut off the power to your room to make sure that power does not flow when the fan parts are removed. Suppose you do not find the room circuit breaker, turn of the main switch. Now, you can work with the ceiling fan.

Step 2: Set up a stepladder.

You need a stepladder to reach the ceiling fan. Make sure you follow all of the safety instructions of the ladder, lock it up, and set it down on the level ground.

Step 3: Remove the light fixture.

First, you need to remove the light fixture. Hold the fixture with one hand and loosen the screw carefully with other hands. Please keep it on the towel securely.

Step 4: Open fan housing.

To locate the pull chain switch, you need to open housing where the wiring is stored. Remove these screws with a screwdriver, loosening the fixture so you can see the wiring and switch.

Step 5: Separate the chain from the fixture.

The switch may attach to the housing using a screw. First, unscrew it and see closely on the switch body. Here you will find another small screw to access the ceiling fan pull chain switch; unscrew this nut completely. Place the nut in a safe place.

Step 6: Repair ceiling fan pull switch.

To inspect the chain more thoroughly, pull out the switch. Observe the switch carefully that it has been removed from the fixture. If the switch’s wiring is damaged, it should be replaced entirely.

If the chain simply needs to be replaced with a longer piece, or if a new switch should be purchased entirely. If you sure the chain looks removable with a longer chain, then buy an extension chain and replace it.

Step 7: Installing a New Switch.

If the switch looks broken, buy a new ceiling fan pull chain switch from an online or local home improvement store. Find a similar switch with similar functionalities. You can take help from the seller.

Step 8: Disconnect the old connection.

Remove the wires that are connected to the old switch. The wires will be disconnected from the old switch by pulling or twisting off the connectors. Pull off the connectors on each wire that is connected to the old switch, and then remove the old switch.

Step 9: Strip wire.

Now you need to strip the wire to connect the new switch. Using a wire stripper, you can do this job perfectly. Strip wire less than 1 inch from the top of the wire.

Step 10: Twist and cover them.

According to the old connection, attach them and twist. Ensure they are tight enough. When connecting them, follow the wire color code. And finally, use a wire cap or tapping it securely.

Step 11: Put the new switch into the housing.

Insert the new switch into the fan housing. It’s time to reattach the small nut outside the fixture that holds the switch in place, which you removed earlier. To keep the switch in place, place it inside the fixture and screw the nut back on the outside.

Step 12: Reattach the Remaining Parts.

Now time to reattach the other parts that you separate before. Tighten the fan housing and attach the light fixture. Re-power the circuit breaker and test the fan by gently pulling on the ceiling fan chain.

Final Verdict:

A ceiling fan not only improves your home looks but also save energy or electric bill. The fan pushes warm air down into the living areas during the winter. It draws warm air upward and away during the summer. To operate a ceiling fan, we use a pull chain most of the time. So, your pull chain can break frequently. Remember the following step that saves your money as well as time.

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