How to Install a Ceiling Fan Where No Fixture Exists

How to Install a Ceiling Fan Where No Fixture Exists

A ceiling fan is one of the most useful home equipment. Whether you want a relaxed environment during summer or heat in winter, it greatly impacts both seasons. Comfort and low-cost increasing popularity of this item.

If you have no fixture exists, this article helps you to install a ceiling fan in those places. You need a power source from a switchboard to the spot where you want to install the fan. Also, you have to install a bracket. You will get a complete idea about this process, and then you can call an electrician if you have not necessary tools

If you follow the following step by step guide, it will be a very simple project for you. Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Select a good location.

First, you need to determine a secured location where you want to install a new fan. It depends on how weighty fan you want to hook up. Just make sure you have strong support in your chosen location, as if the fan is not correctly attached to the ceiling, it can become a huge safety risk.

Step 2: Purchase a fan box with a hanger bar or without.

You need to purchase a ceiling box with a hanger bar if you install it in between two ceiling joists. A hanger bar is a strong rod that you can extend.

Use a fan box that can be attached directly into the ceiling frame is directly below some wooden framing. Purchase a fan box from your local electronics store without a hanger bar.

Step 3: Make a hole.

Hold your new purchase ceiling box and trace around it using a pencil or marker. Now you need to cut the area using a drywall saw carefully. Make sure the box is perfectly fit into the hole.

Step 4: Running electric wire.

Now you need to run wires from a switchboard to the fan. Now, you need to choose the nearest wall switch to pull the wire. You’ll need to run wires through it and up to the location where your fan will be installed. It will be easier to pull the new wiring to the desired location if you use fish tape.

Step 5: Feed the cables.

Lift the box upward and pull the wire into the centre hole of the box and thread them.

Step 6: Secured the ceiling fan box.

For a box that has been attached directly to the ceiling, you just need to tighten the screw and make sure the box is attached securely. You need to position it in between the two joists for a hanger bar and then rotate the bar for extending it.

Step 7: Attach the fan bracket.

The ceiling plate, also known as a fan bracket, is the fixture. Pull all of the wires through the hole in the centre of the fan box. Secure the ceiling plate with the provided screws.

Step 8: Mount the new ceiling fan.

After installing the fan box, you need to connect the new pulling wire to a wall switch. Now you need to assemble your new purchases fan and then mount the fan.

First, attach downrod with the fan body. You will find a metal pipe called downrod is used for increasing distance from the ceiling. Keep your fan body on the floor, place the rod on the fan body, tighten it, and secure it with the locking screw.

Now you have to hang the fan. For this part, you can take support from someone because it’s heavy equipment. Use a good quality step ladder and make sure it is locked. Now hook up your ceiling fan.

Step 9: Connect wires.

Connect the new fan wires to the hot, neutral, and ground wires of the home wire. Depending on how you want to control the ceiling fan, the connection and wiring method might be different. If you do not have the proper idea of ceiling fan wiring, first learn how to wire a ceiling fan that does this part.

Final Verdict:

I hope you got a complete guideline on how to install a ceiling fan where no fixture exists. This is not a challenging process. But for the full process, you should take help from a professional unless you are a good DIY handyman.

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