How to make a ceiling fan look better

How To Make A Ceiling Fan Look Better

You might have an old, bulky, clunky ceiling fan that I haven’t used in years, and it might be so loud or could not produce enough airflow. Without changing your old fan, you can make it better to look and also can improve performance. Some easy things can change your fan’s overall looks.

These days, however, there are a lot of great features that will boost the energy efficiency and overall aesthetics of your home. The biggest change, of course, is the ability to make a ceiling fan look a lot better. You can use a wide variety of accessories to help bring your fan back to life.

Besides, you can even add a light to your ceiling fan, which will allow it to serve a dual purpose in your room. Ceiling fans are perfect in any room that needs a touch of pleasure and comfort. Many people who have modern homes simply use them to keep the air circulating within the home.

Best modification of a ceiling fan

Replace or add a pull chain

This is an easy and affordable method that most people do not think. You can update your ceiling fan pull chain that will enhance your fan’s look. If you already have a pull chain, you can replace it with a new one.

Change glass shades

This is another method that can enhance your fan looks. You can buy it for between 2 to 10 dollars from a local shop or online. This type of shade is almost universal, but you can bring it to the home improvement store or take measurements to pick a similar one.

Anyone can replace it. Make sure the power is turned off, and then remove all the light bulbs and then loose screws and remove old shades. Now place the new one and tighten the screws.

Upgrade Old light bulbs

Light bulbs can last up to 10 years, but they should be replaced after 1-2 years if they’re frequently used. But when it comes to looks, you can change old light bulbs with new LED lights. Upgrading old light bulbs is a great way to save money and energy while also contributing to a cleaner environment.

When you buy your light bulbs online, shop for high-quality products that use at least 80% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. The new bulbs are available in different shapes and sizes, so make sure to get the right size bulb for your fixture. Not sure what wattage to choose? First, check the manual to find the wattage limit.

Replace the old blades

If you have an old ceiling fan, you probably don’t like its blades style. If so, you can change all the blades completely, or if you do not want to do that, painting is the second option to make your fan look better.

Ceiling fan blades are made of metal or wood that attach to the fan and push air down to make the room feel more relaxed. If you’ve had your ceiling fan for many years, you might need to replace the old blades with new ones. This is an easy process and should only take you about an hour or two to do. If you think your blades need replacing, get in touch with a professional.

Paint all the blades

This is the best way to make your fan new. Most people like painting their ceiling fan blades because it will make the fan look new.

You should turn off the power to the fan before you start painting. Use a ladder to reach the ceiling fan blades. Unscrew all the screws and take the fan blades down. Prepare surrounding areas to protect. Now carefully paint blades and take time to dry.

Add lighting

If your fan does not have a light fixture, you can add a fixture that makes your fan really cool. You will find a multi-light fixture and single glove light kit in the market, and you should choose a light kit from the same manufacturer brand that offers good fitting.

Final Verdict:

A ceiling fan is a good investment for a home. The blades on the ceiling fan can make a room seem ten degrees cooler in the summer. They also warm your room in the winter, but they don’t blow out the cold air like an air conditioner. Ceiling fans are cheaper than other methods of cooling your room because they are energy-efficient appliances.

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