How To Oil A Hunter Ceiling Fan

How to Oil a Hunter Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can wear out over time, so you need regular maintenance. The oil reservoir in your Hunter ceiling fan may be too low if it starts making a lot of noise. Check to see if your fan needs oils, then pour some Hunter non-detergent ceiling fan oil into the oil hole.

There are two types of Hunter original ceiling fan: Indore Hunter original fan and outdoor ceiling fan. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor ceiling fan, you can easily oil your ceiling fan after reading this article.

Follow the step by step process of checking and oiling.

Indoor Hunter Original Fan oiling

Step 1: Checking the Oil Level.

To check the oil level, you need a pipe cleaner that you can buy from an online shop or make it with a pipe or using a cable that can bend easily. At the top of the pipe, measure one inch, mark it, and again measure one inch from the first marking point and mark this point. Now your need to bend it. First, bent the first point at 90 degrees and the best the second point at a 90-degree angle. It should look like a square bent hook. Now you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Set up a stepladder.

You need a stepladder to check the oil if the fan is hanging on the ceiling. Make sure you follow all of your ladder’s safety instructions, lock it up, and place it on level ground.

Step 3: Turn off the power.

Be sure the electric power is off, and also turn off the light power for safety. Otherwise, you can burn by touching the hot bulb. During the work, your ceiling fan should not work. Use a flashlight if your fan’s lights are turned off, and it’s difficult to see.

Step 4: Locate your fan’s oil hole.

It is located over the top of the switch housing for an indoor hunter original fan.

Step 5: Insert a pipe cleaner.

Now you need to insert the pipe cleaner into the oil reservoir. This will allow you to check the oil level in the fan.

Step 6: Check pipe cleaner.

Pull it down and check the ending point of the pipe cleaner. If you notice the cleaner comes out with the oil, you don’t need to add any oil. If it is dry, that means the oil level comes down, so you need to add oil.

Step 7: Keep a safe floor and furniture.

Place newspapers on the floor directly beneath your fan and cover any furniture with an old sheet or tarp.

Step 8: Buy non-detergent electric motor oil.

You can buy Hunter oil for fans that are suitable for any fan. It is specially made for the ceiling fan. You can buy it from Amazon. Find the oil-fill hole on the motor’s top. Place the tip of the oil tube in the hole and wait one minute for gravity to draw the oil into the fan.

Note: WD-40 isn’t a type of motor oil. It can be used to clean your fan’s dirty bearings, but it won’t protect the moving parts. So, don’t use WD-40 oil.

Step 8: Recheck oil level.

Again check the oil level in your Hunter ceiling fan. If necessary, add more oil and then turn on the fan to coat the bearings in oil.

Outdoor Hunter Original Fan oiling

Step 1: Locate the oil hole.

It is located on the side of the Hunter outdoor switch housing. You will find a screw. Loose the screw and notice the hole. If the oil overflows from the hole, you don’t need to add fan oil. And if oil does not flow, then you need to add oil.

Step 2: Remove the fan blades.

For oiling an outdoor Hunter ceiling fan, you need to remove fan blades. Then add non-detergent hunter ceiling fan oil. Slowly drop the oil and recheck if the oil is overflow, stop it, and tighten the screw. Now, you are done.

Final Verdict:

Lacking of oiling, your ceiling fan can damage any time. It’s also crucial to look after your fan for safety reasons, as a malfunctioning fan can pose an electrical hazard. If you refill oiling from time to time, it ensures you smooth running for years after years.

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