How to paint a ceiling fan without taking it down

How to paint a ceiling fan without taking it down

If you have old and outdated ceiling fans, why not update them? If your old ceiling fan is still in good condition, you don’t need to change it.

You don’t need actually to take down your ceiling fan to paint it. If you are not comfortable with ceiling fan wiring, you can paint your existing ceiling fan without taking it down. You can match it with your home decor by painting.

Ceiling fan painting is not a complex project. You can easily add your own style to your home. If you live in a high-temperature area, a ceiling fan is essential equipment if you don’t want to run your AC all the time. In this article, you will learn how to paint your ceiling fan without taking it down.

Method 1: Paint without taking any component.

If you don’t want to remove any ceiling fan component, this method is for you. Most people tell you to remove the fan blades. Yes! It might be easier if you remove the fan blades and also the painting quality might be better.

Light bulbs and glass shade removal is not a complex job. But it is possible to paint without removing the fan blades. You just need to remove the glass shade and light bulb. So you can easily remove it. And then follow the next step.

Step 1: prepare your ceiling fan.

First, you need to clean your ceiling fan. You might think your ceiling fan is cleaned, but there might be a lot of hidden dirt and dust at the top.

Cover the area with old cloth or paper. If you have a ceiling fan cleaner, you can use it to clean your ceiling fan. Or you can use a dry paintbrush to remove loose dirt. Make sure you clean everywhere. Clean the motor housing and the fan blade’s edges carefully. And then, using a microfiber towel, wipe all the components.

Step 2: Sand the blades.

This is the most effective part for removing any remaining dirt, dust, or old paint from the fan. If you’re working in a good condition fan, this step may be unnecessary, but it makes the job much easier for older fans.

Step 3: Tape off the ceiling area.

Before starting painting, we need to tape off the ceiling area where your painting brushes might touch. You should use good quality painting tape.

Step 4: Apply white primer on all parts.

Now you can apply the first primer coat. It should be very thin. Take a minimal amount of paint to avoid dropping. Be careful the paint does not enter into the motor housing.

When it comes to painting the fan blades, you don’t need to paint both sides. Just paint the visible area. During painting the fan blades, you might face problems because this is a moving part. It might be tricky to do this part. Hold one blade with your one hand, which one is not painted yet and when it comes to the last one, hold the top of the blade. This technique makes your job easier.

Step 5: Apply the first coat of paint.

After applying the primer coat, you need to dry it perfectly, and then you can apply a painting coat. Choose a colour that will be matched to your home decor. In that case, you have to use a paintbrush for painting. Please take a little paint at the bottom of the brush and carefully paint it on your ceiling fan. Try to make your paint smooth.

Step 6: Apply the second coat of paint.

You need to take a minimum two-hour gap between two coats of paint. First look around the fan, if there is any missing place, paint on those places. And then apply the second coat everywhere. If you think you need a third coat, you can use it to get your required finishing.

Let it dry for 6 hours, and then reinstall the glass shade and light bulb. And finally, you can take off the tape.

Method 2: Ceiling fan painting by removing some components.

We need to remove the lower part in this method, like the light fixture and fan blades. This method is the most popular and easy to paint. Almost every part is remaining the same as the previous method. So we are not going to repeat those parts that are similar to the previous way.

Step 1: Remove the fan blades.

Using a screwdriver, loosen all the screws that hold the fan blades with the fan body. And then take it down one by one.

Step 2: Unscrew the light kit.

Remove the light cover. It might be attached with the screws or using a push-lock switch. Some covers come with a thread system. Remove the cover and light bulb, and then you can remove the light fixture.

And then, repeat all the previous steps and after completing the painting, reassemble the fan blades and light kit.

Final Verdict.

Following the above guide, you can give your old ceiling fan a new look. Before starting painting, make sure the nearby area is covered. To get good brightness and shine from painting, clean your fan perfectly and use a good quality primer.

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