How to paint a ceiling fan

How to paint a ceiling fan

Today, we will teach you how to give your ceiling fan a makeover that will match any room in your house. First, try to choose a base colour that will match your room’s hinges, doorknobs or appliances. Next, your bases will go well with the colours of your furniture, door or cabinet colours.

You can choose a light colour or a dark colour that will be best for a ceiling fan. Try to avoid glossy colour because it may need more maintenance, and when you clean it, it will damage quickly. You can paint a ceiling fan without taking it down, but it’s better to uninstall the fan for accurate painting.

Step 1: Remove the ceiling fan.

First, remove the light kit if your ceiling fan has it. If you have a glass shade, remove it by losing screws and then removing the light kit and keeping it in a secure place.

Step 2: Remove the blade.

Now you need to remove all the blades one by one. Keep all screws in your pocket for further reassemble.

Step 3: Unscrew the canopy.

The canopy is tightened with screws. First, unscrew it and then take it slightly down. Now you need to separate all the wires that were connected with the home wires. Remove wire nuts and twist them to disconnect from each other. Now you can take down the fan body.

Step 4: Clean the fan.

Now you need to sand the blades perfectly. When sanding the blades, make sure to use a downward motion with solid sweeps. Also, take extra care of your blades’ edges.

Next, you’re going to clean your entire ceiling fan. Again, you can use warm water with a mild soap or use baby wipes because they’re really easy.

Step 5: Use white-colored primer.

If you want the best output from your pain:

  1. Make sure you are using a white primer.
  2. Place old newspaper on a levelled surface and keep all the components and then spray.
  3. Make sure all the point are sprayed equally.

After white-coated primer, dry it and then for next coat.

Step 6: Paint all parts.

Before you use your spray paint, give it a good shake and test your nozzle to see what kind of pressure you’re working with.

Spray six to eight inches away from the surface and across the fan in a side-to-side motion to ensure an even coat. Go ahead and paint all of the fans’ hardware now. Once you’ve completely finished painting your fan, please take a moment, let it dry and then look and make sure you don’t need a second coat.

If you want a second coat, no problem, just go through it again before you start to pull it together. Before re-installing, make sure you wait until your fan is fully dry.

Step 7: Reassembling fan.

Now you need to re-install your painted ceiling fan. First, attach the downrod with the fan housing using the screw. Then, before hanging the fan, make sure the canopy is inserted into the downrod.

Step 8: Hook up your ceiling fan.

Now you need to hang the fan into the bracket. After hanging, reconnect all the wires and secured them with wire nuts. Ensure the wiring is correct; if there is any wrong connection, any short circuit might occur.

Step 9: Secured all blades.

Each blade and blade bracket should be secured to the motor housing assembly. Make sure all of the screws are tightened enough. It’s not difficult; it just takes a long time. For installing fan blades and hanging them, you can take help for some. Use a sturdy step ladder and make sure it is locked.

Step 10: Reattach the light kit and glove.

This is the final step, and you are almost done. If your ceiling fan has no light kit, you are already done the job perfectly, and you can test it by turning on the switch. If you have a light kit, now you need to reassemble. Now, pull the chains and turn on the light once you’ve finished this task. If it works, that’s fantastic.

Final Verdict:

If you like painting and if you can uninstall and install a ceiling fan, this is a simple project for you. You can give a fantastic look to your old ceiling fan. You don’t need to change your old fan if you want to match it with your room decor. Just follow the step that we mentioned above; I hope you will get a great result.

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