how to reduce ceiling fan speed

how to reduce ceiling fan speed

There are some reasons for needing more lower speed than what you have of your ceiling fan. Most of the ceiling comes with a three-speed level, but you can’t adjust the exact level that is comfortable for you.

Many people face this issue and want to reduce the speed of their ceiling fans. If the lower speed seemed to be fast to you, this article is for you. You may think of a variable speed control switch. Yes! This is a good solution for you, but you can’t use a dimmer light switch to control ceiling fan speed.

To get full freedom of adjustment speed, you need to wire your ceiling fan with a variable speed control switch. But the controller must be the fan-rated variable speed controller. It is even easier to turn a three-speed ceiling fan to variable speed if the original fan is wired to operate it.

Let’s take a look:

Step 1: Turn off the power.

Before starting wiring, you need to ensure there is no electric power. If you are not a professional, for extra safety, turn the main power switch off.

Step 2: Remove the switch plate.

You need to lose all the screws that hold the plate with the switch box to remove the plate.

Step 3: Remove the switch.

After removing all the screws, you have to pull out the switch from the box to expose the wires.

Step 4: Disconnect the wires.

Now you need to remove the light switch from the box. So, cut the wire and remove it.

Step 5: Strip the wire.

Strip the wire at the end about .5 inches for reconnecting.

Step 6: Connection.

Now you have to finish the wiring. This is the most crucial part. If you cannot do this part accurately, the project will not be successful, and the wrong wiring can damage your ceiling fan. You need to connect the black wire that comes from the fan to the black wire of the variable switch. Connect two blue wires of the fan and switch. Also, connect two blue wires together. And finally, connect two white wires together.

Step 7: Secured the switch.

After finishing all the wiring:

  • Push all the wire into the wall box hole.
  • Place the switch at the proper position.
  • Secure it with provided screws.

Step 8: Reattach the switch plate.

At the final stage, you need to attach the plate to the box. And then restore the power to the switchboard.

Note: You have to keep the pull chain switch the height speed level to ensure you get the maximum control of your variable speed controller. Now, you don’t actually need your previous pull chain switch. You can control your ceiling fan speed entirely using the wall switch (Variable speed control switch).

Does a Ceiling Fan running at a slower speed consume less Electricity Units?

You can reduce the power consumption of your ceiling fan by turning the fan speed down. Adjusting the fan speed will take less power to keep the blades spinning and cooling you off. Reducing your ceiling fan’s speed will save you money on your electric bill and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a ceiling fan in the summer without the noise and high energy usage.

Variable speed control switch for ceiling fan

A variable speed control switch is a device you install in your electrical box and then plug into an outlet to create a custom circuit for controlling your ceiling fan’s speed. The switch will be wired to the ceiling fan, which will then have a wire running from it to the switch. This switch is used to reduce the speed of a ceiling fan, which can help lower energy costs.

Final Verdict:

This is a simple process and can give you full control of the speed. Since the temperature is not constant, three speeds cannot be a perfect solution for controlling speed. So, you can adjust your fan speed by installing a good variable speed control switch that might increase your comfort.

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