how to refurbish a ceiling fan

A good ceiling fan might last years after years. But an old or cheap ceiling fan looks ugly. Ceiling fan modification is not expensive, and you don’t need to be pro-DIYer. You can make your old ceiling fan looks excellent by making some modification and painting.

Most people makeover their ceiling fans by painting, and it takes 3 to 4 hours to complete the job. Besides, If you want to change blades or other parts is more effortless. However, you need proper guidelines to pain your fan or mods.

Paint your fan

Do you have a ceiling fan in your house? Painting the blades of a ceiling fan can be a fun project to do with your family and will give your room a fresh look. Painting the blades is an easy way to give your ceiling fan new life. You can do this project in about three hours with some inexpensive supplies you probably already have around the house.

Turn off the power

Some ceiling fans are connected to the breaker that controls the power for your entire house. It is best to turn off the power before removing any parts of a ceiling fan.

Remove fan blades

You can just remove your fan blades without removing enter fan from the bracket. If your fan is equipped with the light kit, take it down first. Set up a step ladder and unscrew all the screws that hold the blades to the motor housing. If the motor housing painting is not complicated for your fan, you can also paint the motor housing and other parts. Or you can just paint fan blades that also will add a new look to your fan.

Moreover, some fan models painting is easy without removing the fan housing. If you think it is possible to paint motor housing without taking it down, you can do it that way. But it is best to remove the entire fan.

Separate the blades with the blade’s arm

Ceiling fan blade arms are often used to balance the weight of a ceiling fan by distributing weight and centering the ceiling fan, which reduces the chance of noise and vibration. These arms are connected with the blades that is used for connecting blades with the motor housing.

Separate the blades from the blades’ arm. It is also known as blade iron. Lose screws for separating it from the blades. It’s common to become fan blades dusty and grimy. You should clean your fan blades before starting painting. You can use all purposes cleaner for cleaning the blades and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Apply Primer Coat on the blades

After the ceiling blades completely dry it and then apply a primer coat. You can apply just one side that we can see, and typically, another side never has been seen. Primer doesn’t take much time t dry. You can apply two coats if you want, but one is enough if you buy good-quality primer.

Paint Metal Parts

All ceiling fan blade arms are made of metal. You don’t need to apply the primer for the metal. You can use satin paint for the metallic part of the blade. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves before painting. Use a medium-size paintbrush for this part. You can use spray paint for smooth finishing. After drying the first coat of paint, you should take a closer look everywhere if there is any gap or light paint.

For painting the motor housing, use a step ladder, and in this part, you can use a thicker coat to prevent dropping on the floor. If you use a little thick layer, you probably don’t need the second layer. At first, paint one half of the housing and then the other half.

Apply Paint Coats on the blades

After applying the primer coat on the blade, you need to apply a second paint coat on the blades. Water-based latex paint can be applied to the blades. You can use a color that matches your room décor.

Reassemble the fan

You have to take time to dry all the paints completely. Then attach the blade’s arm to the blade and then reconnect them with the fan body. Make sure all the parts are connected securely. Now enjoy your fan.

Final Verdict:

With the painting, you can change the light bulb globe. If your lighting kit is not good, look for an alternative that looks good. Besides, the pull chain can be changed that also add a little good look because the aftermarket pull chain is far better than the stock pull chain.

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