How to remove bathroom ceiling fan light cover

How To Remove Bathroom Ceiling Fan Light Cover

What are the steps to remove the light cover on a bathroom fan? The light cover over the light of a bathroom fan can be removed by first looking for screws that hold it in place. Once the screws are found, they will need to be unscrewed using the right-sized screwdriver. But in most cases, you don’t see any screws, and you might be confused about how to remove them.

NuTone bathroom fan is the most popular, and if you have one from NuTone, we will cover some popular models and some common ways that help you to remove any exhaust fan light cover.

It can be a little tricky if you don’t know how to remove a bathroom fan light cover. An exhaust fan with a light bulb is a common feature in many bathrooms. When the light bulb in your exhaust fan burns out, you’ll probably want to replace it right away.

Let’s take a look.

Most common method:

We’re going to talk about replacing the plastic light cover on a NuTone exhaust fan in the bathroom. If you pull the cover firmly the wrong way, it can break. To remove this cover, you need a flat screwdriver. If you notice carefully at the cover, you will see a small gap on both sides of the plastic cover. Put the screwdriver on any side of the gap, and just push slightly into the inner side (Not the outer side of the cover, give a little pressure, and you will see the lock is releasing). When the knob is released, you can easily remove the cover.

These types of covers have two tab lock, and they tend to bend in a little bit; therefore, it doesn’t hold up the way it’s supposed to.

For reattaching the cover, you will see the cover has a plastic hook on both sides; you need to insert one side first inside the fixture, and then press a little pressure to bend the other side, now push it up to lock the cover with the fixture.

Types of exhaust fan light cover:

There are two major types of covers: Non-removable (cover and grille are together) and removable light cover.

Non-removable light cover.

You cannot remove the light covert separately for this type. So, to remove the light cover, you also need to remove the bathroom fan grille. This is very easy to remove. First, pull down the grille, and then you will see the metal mounting spring. Squeeze on it to release the grille and light cover together.

Removable cover:

Most people are facing problems with this type. Because they want to remove it by pulling down the cover, this is not the right way. This type of cover is secured with the plastic tabs (like a plastic hook). So, to release the cover, you need to squeeze the cover from both sides, and even you can push from one side. When it releases one side, then you can take it down easily.

Remove NuTone 8664RP Cover?

The grille and cover are together of this model. First, hold the outer edge of the grille and pull it down. You will the grille come down 1-2 inches. Now you will see two mounting springs on two sides. Squeeze the clips together and pull them down to release. So, you are done.

Remove NuTone 696 Cover:

This is a rectangular model, and the light cover is removable. So, you can follow the removable light cover method mentioned above. You can also watch this video.

Do bathroom fans need to be cleaned?

Yes! You need to clean your bathroom fan timely. Bathroom exhaust fans are very important for eliminating toxic fumes from the bathroom after showering. Did you know that it is possible to breathe in steam particles during your shower? These particles are released into the air and stay on the walls for hours. You can reduce the level of these harmful particles by using a bathroom exhaust fan to help eliminate the steam.

When the time comes to clean your bathroom exhaust fan, it is important to go beyond just cleaning the exterior of the vent or light. It is also essential to clean the fan’s blades, especially if you notice any signs of debris. While fan blades can easily be cleaned with soap and water, it is best to avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners to prevent damage to the blade.

Final Verdict:

Any time you might need to remove your bathroom fan light cover or grille for cleaning purposes or for replacing burnt light bulbs. But, if you don’t know how to remove it, you might break your light cover. I hope this article will solve your issues.

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