how to replace ceiling fan switch

How to replace ceiling fan switch

Today we are going to show you how to replace the switch on your ceiling fan. There are two types of switches when it comes to ceiling fan switch replacement: 3-speed control pull-switch and wall switch.

Ceiling fan switches might wear out over time. So, you might need to change it anytime.

Required tools and equipment:

  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire nuts
  • Screwdriver
  • Step ladder

How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Pull chain Switch:

Step 1: remove the light bulb.

To prevent the light bulb from breaking, you need to remove them first. Set up a ladder, hold the bulb with a towel and remove it from the socket.

Step 2: Remove the light fixture.

Light fixture typically attached with the fan housing by screws. Loosen all the screws that are secured to the light kit. Then remove the light fixture and open the ceiling fan light wiring and speed controller switch.

Step 3: Purchase a similar switch from the local home improvement store.

You can take a picture of your old switch to show the seller. Or take the old switch with you to make sure you are purchasing a similar switch.

Step 4: Disconnect the wire from your old pull switch.

The first thing you want to do, let’s go ahead and remove the old switch. Before cutting the wire, you can take a note or picture for further connection.

Twist the wire nut and pool out the connector. Separate all the wires and then take out the old switch. Now you need to strip wire about half an inch using a wire stripper.

Step 5: Connect the new switch.

Now you are ready to connect your new pull ceiling fan switch. According to the old connection, you need to connect your new switch. After connecting all the wires, secured them with the wire nut.

You can tape all the wire nuts to reduce vibration and add extra safety for your fan. And finally, push back all the wires to the hole and reattach the light kit and light bulb. You are done; turn on the switch and check if it works or not.

Replace a ceiling fan 3-speed wall switch

If you already have a 3-speed wall switch, it will be very easy to replace with a new one. Or, if you have a regular wall switch, don’t worry. You can replace your standard switch with a speed controller fan switch.

Step 1: Buy a new switch.

You need to buy a 3-speed controlling ceiling fan wall switch. In local shops or online, you will find this type of switch. If you already have a switch box, make sure your new one will fit with it. Also, buy a wall plate if your old switchboard plate does not match your new fan switch.

Step 2: Turn off the power.

Make sure there is no electricity where you are going to work. Turn off the circuit breaker and then start work.

Step 3: Remove the wall plate.

Next, go ahead and remove the wall plate. This is very simple to remove. The Wallplate might be attached with flat screws or star screws. Loosen all the screws and remove the plate. If screws are not visible, they might be covered with the cap. After removing the plate, you will see your old switch is secured with screws with the bracket.

Step 4: Remove the old switch.

After removing the screws, pull out the switch. If you are not familiar with wiring, take a photo of your old witch connection. Here you will see three wires connected to the switch: Ground (yellow), Neutral (white), and Phase (black).

First, you need to pull out these three wires. They might connect with the switch with nuts. Loosen the nuts/screws and pull them out.

Step 5: Connect the new switch.

In your new speed control wall switch, you will find three wires. At the top one is the ground wire. First, connect two ground wires and twist them and secure them with a wire nut. Next, connect two neutral cables and then connect two power wires together.

Step 6: Reinstall switch and plate.

After completing the wiring, pull all the wires into the switch box hole and tighten it with screws. And then you need to mount the wall plate.

Step 7: Test the fan.

Now you can test your new switch. Turn on the breaker and fan switch and see if it works or not. If you might face any issues, you should call a professional.

Final verdict.

If you are new in wiring, before installing a new switch, watch some video from YouTube and make sure that you are confident or not. In this article, we describe two types of ceiling fan switch replacements. If you follow the complete instructions, you can change your faulty switch by yourself.

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