How to reset hampton bay ceiling fan remote

How To Reset Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

A ceiling fan is a great way to keep your room cool, and a remote will add extra operation advantages. But ceiling fans remote can stop working suddenly. Hampton Bay is a popular ceiling fan brand, and their many models come with a remote to adjust speed or turn on/off the fan.

How to reset a remote?

First, turn the ceiling fan off using the remote. Hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds within 30 seconds of turning the power back on to perform a reset.

Troubleshooting ceiling fan remote.

If the remote of your Hampton Bay ceiling fan does not work properly, it might have different reasons, and they have solutions. First, you need to identify the problem of your fan.

Have you tried changing the batteries in the remote, as well as removing and replacing them? Have you double-checked the dip switches? Are the dip switches in the correct position?

The remote will not be able to communicate with the fan if the dip switch settings are changed. Turn off the circuit breaker and again turn on the breaker. Now press the light or fan on/off button and hold it for 10 seconds.

Also, you have to keep the dip switches in the actual position and then turn off the light switch. Then, for 10 seconds, press and hold the off button. Turn on the light switch again. Is the remote connection working now?

Sometimes you can reset your remote correctly, but the dim switch is not in the right position. In that case, the remote will not work. So, you have to match the position of the remote and fan switches.

Bad receiver:

If the above troubleshooting does not work, next, you need to check the remote receiver. The receiver is located inside the canopy of the fan. So, you need to set up a step ladder to reach the fan. Place the laden on a flat surface and lock it correctly. Before climbing on the ladder, make sure the power is off.

You need a screwdriver for losing the canopy, and then you will find the receiver. Observe it closely, and if you see any burning or melting sign, or if it seems damaged, you need to replace it. In a local hardware shop, you will find a remote receiver. Before disconnecting the receiver, take a picture of reattaching the new receiver.

How to turn on/off your ceiling fan without a remote?

If the remote does not work ultimately and you do not have any other option to operate the fan like a wall switch or a pull chain switch, it is challenging to run a fan. But, if while running the fan, the remote fails to work, you can flip the breaker to turn it off.

To turn on a ceiling fan without a remote, you will need to locate the ceiling fan’s main power cord on the wall. It may also be found in an electrical box in the room, and this cord is plugged into the ceiling fan’s motor.

Where is the receiver in a Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are designed with the receiver placed in the center of the fan. Typically the receiver is located into the canopy. In some models, it can be located behind the light kit. By removing the light fixture, you will find a receiver. The receiver is usually shaped like a square, circle, or triangle with wires coming out.

Final Verdict:

Many people buy ceiling fans, then forget how to reset their ceiling fan remote. When their old ceiling fan remote no longer works, they need to replace it with a new one. The old ceiling fan remote is no longer an option for these people because it stopped working. Hampton Bay ceiling fans are more expensive than most other brands on the market, but they provide excellent quality. If you face any issue with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, first try to find out the user manual. Here you will find all the essential information.

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