How to size a ceiling fan

How to size a ceiling fan

If you think a small ceiling fan is for a small room and a big ceiling fan is for a large room, this is not the right concept. There are some other factors you need to consider to measure a ceiling fan for your space.

With the right size, you should also consider the performance and comfort. Only the right sizes fan can provide you with the ultimate comfort. A ceiling fan can save your electricity bill.

Before purchasing a ceiling fan, you need to ensure what size of fans is perfect for your room. It’s not a good decision to buy a large fan for a small room because it can create extreme airflow that might be uncomfortable for anyone. In this article, you will get a complete guideline for choosing a ceiling fan.

Four sizes of fans for four different spaces:

You can divide a room into four categories. So, you need to measure your room first.

Number 1: If your room is under 44 square feet, A 42-inch ceiling fan is recommended for you. It can produce 1000 to 3000 CFM. A 42-inch ceiling fan is also suitable for a small bedroom, small kitchen, porches, or other smaller space.

Number 2: If your room is between 44 square feet to 225 square feet, 44 inches to 50-inch ceiling fans are good for your medium space. If you buy a good quality 44-inch ceiling fan, it can produce 1600 to 4500 CFM, well enough for a medium room. These types of fans are good for the dining room, kitchen room, or medium-sized bedroom.

Number 3: When your space is between 225 to 400 square feet, you can choose 50 inches or a giant ceiling fan. If you have a small garage, master bedroom, family room TV room, you can choose a ceiling fan that is 50 inch or above. It will provide you with 2300 to 6500 CFM.

Number 4: This category is for ample space. If your room is over 400 square feet, then you need a large fan. Even, you can buy an industrial ceiling fan for a large space or your garage. A big fan can produce a lot of airflows. From a 62-inch ceiling fan, you can get 5500 to 13000 CFM.

Already you know the basic concept, now if you follow the following step, you will choose the correct sizes of fans.

Step 1: Measure your room in square feet.

It’s very easy to calculate the area in square feet of your room. Measure the length and width of your room and then multiply them. For example, if your room size is 10 feet by 10 feet, that is equal to 100 square feet.

Step 2: Measure the height of your room.

Fast, measure the height from floor to ceiling. You should have at least 7 feet clear from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan for safety. If your ceiling height is below nine feet, you should choose a low profile ceiling fan that is also called a hugger ceiling fan. If you are ceiling is more than 9 square feet, you might need to add Downrod for installing your ceiling fan to get the best airflow.

Step 3: Consider other additional factors.

Some other facts are crucial before choosing a ceiling fan. You have to make sure there is no obstacle in your ceiling. If there is an obstacle, it might occur in an accident. So, make sure the fan blades can be moved freely.

Step 4: Purpose of uses.

You might have a different purpose for using a ceiling fan. If you want slight air movement in your space or use a ceiling fan with your air conditioner, you probably don’t need a high, powerful ceiling fan. If you need a lot of airflow, you should choose a large ceiling fan that can produce a lot of airflows. Temperature is another factor for determining the size of a ceiling fan. If you live in a high-temperature area, you have to make sure of maximum movement.

Step 5: How to look it in your space.

Before buying a ceiling fan, just look at your ceiling and imagine what sizes fan will be fit or looks good in your space.

Final verdict:

Already you know everything. Now it is easy to decide for you what sizes fan will be feet in your room. With the right size of fans, you have to choose a high-quality ceiling fan with all advanced features. Also, make sure the fan is easy to operate.

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