how to turn off ceiling fan without chain

how to turn off ceiling fan without chain

If your ceiling fan pull chain is broken and there are no other ways to operate your fan, this article will help you turn off your ceiling fan. At running condition, if break the string the fan might continuously running.

Like this situation, look forward to the circuit breaker if there is a separate circuit breaker for the fan. If you don’t find a separate CB, then you need to power off the switch. You can also check the fan body if there is any switch.

Most probably, you don’t need to run your fan all the time. This is just a waste of energy. Besides, your ceiling fan motor might burn because of continuous running for a few days. So, it’s crucial to turn off your ceiling fan.

If you do not want to fix or replace the switch but need to stop the fan and if there is no wall switch, remote controller, smartphone controller, or separate circuit breaker, the only way to stop your fan is to disconnect the wire. First, turn off the MCB and remove the wire nut to separate the ceiling fan and home wires. After the separation wire, make sure all the cables are secured with electrical take.

But you can easily fix broken chains, and the pull chain replacement will not be challenging. So, we recommend you fix the switch immediately. If the switch is completely damaged, replace the switch.

There is another way you can bypass the ceiling fan pull switch using a wall switch. This system is a little bit complicated. You have to run the wire from the wall switchboard to the fan fixture. Also, you have to know the wiring. (If you want to bypass ceiling fan pull switch, read this article: how to bypass pull chain on a ceiling fan.)

Follow our step by step guidelines for fixing or replacing the pull chain switch.

Step 1: Turn off the circuit breaker.

First, you need to turn off the breaker. Make sure there is no electricity by testing using a voltage tester.

Step 2: Remove the light fixture and bulb.

Set up a step ladder to reach the fan. If the fan has any globe or glass cover, remove them first by unscrewing. Then remove the light bulb from the socket and keep it in a safe place.

Now you need to remove the light fixture. You will find some visible screws that hold the fixture with the motor housing. Using a screwdriver, lose all the screws to open the fixture and then pull out the wire and switch.

Step 3: Inspect the pull switch.

Now carefully look at the switch. If you see there is just broke a chain, you can change the chain. On the contrary, if the connection inside the switch broke or damaged, most probably, you need to replace the switch completely. So, at first, you need to identify the problem.

Step 4: Add a Pull Chain Extension.

On the body of the switch, you will find a screw. Using a screwdriver, loosen the screws and open the switch. Inside the switch, you will find a broken chain and a spring. Now you can easily replace the broken piece of chain with the switch. If you think the switch is ok, just change the chain. In a local store or in online, you will find a chain extension.

Step 5: Place back the switch.

After adding chain extension, reattach the switch by tightening screws and replacing it just as you took it out.

Step 6: Purchas a new pull switch.

If your old switch is completely damaged, you need to buy a new pull switch. You can take a picture to buy a similar switch.

Step 7: Disconnect the wire.

Now you have to disconnect the switch. Twist the wire nut to remove it and then separate the switch wire and the wire from the fan.

Before disconnecting the connection, take a note or a picture for further installation.

Step 8: Connect the new switch.

Now you need to attach your newly purchased switch according to the previous connection. Using a wire stripper, strip wire about 0.5 to 1 inch. After connecting the wire, secure them using wire nuts and then place them back where it was. And then reattach the light fixture and light bulb. And finally, you can turn on the circuit breaker and test the fan by pulling the switch.

Final Verdict:

A ceiling fan pull chain can break anytime. You should have an alternative option for operating your ceiling fan. It is best to have a wall switch with the pull switch or remote. If you do not have any alternative, you can face this type of issue. But, if you know how to replace or fix the ceiling fan pull switch, you will not be worried about this issue.

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