how to turn on ceiling fan light without chain

Do you have a bad ceiling fan light pull switch and want to bypass it? The pull chain switches only have two wires, and it’s easy to bypass if you already have cables from the fan box to the wall switch box. But if you don’t have it, replacing the pull switch is easier than installing a new wall switch for the operation light.

If your fan works fine, but the light doesn’t work and wants to be controlled by a wall switch, you will find an easy method in this article. Three wires might come from the pull chain switch for some models. In that case, you should have multiple lights, and the pull switch has different modes like on/off, 2-lights, or 4-lights mode. Don’t worry; it is also easy to bypass with a wall switch. But you will get only on-off mode from a regular wall switch.

How to wiring pull chain for fan and wall switch for light?

In that case, you need to remove the light pull switch first. Typically, you will get two wires from the pull switch. Connect these two wires together and secure them with a wire nut. If you see three wires coming from the pull chain, this is for multiple bulbs; connect all three wires together.

Now, you need to rewire for a wall switch. If already you do not have a wall switch, install a wall switch box and run the wire from the switchboard to the ceiling fan electrical box.

First, connect all ground wires together. One will come from the fan, one from the wall switch, and one from the ceiling wire. Twist them firmly and secure them using a wire nut.

Next, connect all neutral wires. In that case, one come from the power supply line and another from the fan. Connect them and secure them with wire nuts.

Now you need to connect all hot wires. Connect the fan power line to the power supply hot wire, and another will go to the wall switch. So, three wires will be connected together: fan power, home line power, and switch hot wire.

Finally, you need to connect the light power wire to the light switch power wire together.

Electricity will not come directly to the light bulb. So, for installing a wall switch, we need to remove the light power cable from the direct power supply line. When you operate the fan and light using a pull switch, it will come through the switch; the light and fan power cable are together.

How to fix the ceiling fan light pull chain switch?

You can face two different issues: the pull chain can be broken, or the pull switch might be bad. The chain may break down or come from its socket if you pull the chain hardly. It also can wear out or damage.

How to replace broken pull chain:

First, make sure the power is off. It would be best to shut the breaker off. Then remove any light bulb from the socket and keep them in a safe place. Now you need to remove the light fixture kit to open the pull chain. Unscrew all the screws using a screwdriver that holds the light fixture to the motor housing.

Now you can see the broken pull switch. Using a small screwdriver, pop up the pull chain switch box into two different pieces. You will see the inside parts like spring and chain. Now you can easily remove the broken chain into the mechanism.

If you have a longer chain, you can put it or buy a new pull chain from the local hardware store or online. Carefully place a longer chain how the old one was taken off. Now reassemble everything and turn on the breaker and test the pull chain.

How to fix and replace a bad pull light switch:

If the pull switch does not work, you can easily replace it with a new one. This is an inexpensive part, and you don’t need to call a professional to install it. Before starting any electrical works, make sure there is no electricity in the circuit.

Set up a step ladder on a flat surface to reach the fan. Remove the light bulb and fixture from the fan body to open the pull switch. Now you will see your bad light switch. To inspect closely, you can pop up the switch box using a small screwdriver. If the switch does not work, buy a new one. Remove the old switch and connect a new one as the old one was connected. And finally, reattach all the remaining parts and supply the power to test your newly installed ceiling fan light pull chain switch.

Final Verdict:

When a ceiling fan light does not work, check the bulb at first and then check the wiring. Since the ceiling fan is moving equipment, any nut or screws can be loosened. So, you should check first the wiring if there is any loose contact. If you see everything is ok, then open the pull chain switch to inspect it closely.

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