how to turn on ceiling fan without remote

How To Turn On Ceiling Fan Without Remote

Why do you need an alternative of a remote to turn on/off of a ceiling fan? There are several reasons and their solution. If you lost the ceiling fan remote, you could purchase a new one if you know the model and brand of your fan. If you have a remote and there is no other way to operate your fan, you can add a wall switch or a pull chain switch, but for that, you need to rewire your fan and also you might need to run the wire from the wall switch to the fan (if you don’t have already).

Whatever you need, you will find all possible ways in this article. If the remote is broken or lost, you can buy a universal remote from the local/online shop that works with most fans. On the contrary, you can add a pull chain to operate the fan by removing the receiver and wire directly to the move wiring.

How to bypass ceiling fan

Step 1: Turn off the power.

Before starting bypass, you must turn off the power and ensure there is no current by testing using a voltage tester.

Step 2: Set up a ladder.

Set up a ladder to reach the fan and ensure the ladder is cocked perfectly. Please keep it on a flat surface.

Step 3: Remove the light bulb and light fixture.

If your fan contains a light kit, this part is for you. First, remove the light bulb from the socket and keep it in a safe place. If the bulb is warm, use a towel.

Step 4: Open control receiver.

Now you need to remove the fan’s fixture that contains all the wire and receiver. Some visible screws might secure the fixture. Use a screwdriver for removing all the screws. Keep all the screws on a safe side for reusing them.

Step 4: Unplug the receiver.

After opening the fixture, you will see the receiver and capacitor are together, and they are connected with a plug and play port. Unplug the receiver from the port. Now, you can take down this component on the floor.

Step 5: Open the receiver and find the problem.

Now observe closely. Open the receiver holder and look at the receiver circuit. You can see a burnt spot or something else. If you think this is a normal fault and it can be repaired. You can go to a shop that can repair the circuit. Also, you can buy a similar receiver from a home improvement store.

If you want to bypass, follow the next step.

Step 6: Cut the wire.

Here you will see four different wires are connected to the receiver. Cut all the wires using a wire cutter.

Step 7: Strip the wires.

You can use a wire stripper to strip out the outer cable. Open 1″ copper wire.

Step 8: Bypass connection.

If you see carefully, you will see four different colours of wire: blue, white, red, and black. Blue and white is the neutral wire, and one is for motor in, and the other is line neutral. Connect this two neutral together and secure them using a wire nut.

Red and black is the ac power/live wire. One comes from the line and is for the motor. Connect them together. Twist these two wires tightly and use a wire nut. Your bypass connection is completed.

Step 9: Plug the receiver wire without the receiver.

Now you need to plug the wire in the same ways you remove them. Everything will keep the same. Here we just remove the receiver and short two neutral wires and hot wires.

Step 10: Turn on the switch.

Now you can turn on the power to check your project. If you have not had a wall switch before, you need to run the wire from the switch to the fan box. And connect switch hot wire to the fan hot wire, neutral wire to the neutral wire and ground wire to the ground wire.

Final Verdict:

A ceiling fan remote has some extra benefits, but you should have an alternative to operate your ceiling fan. Remote can be lost or broken at any time. So, it would be best to have another option, whether it is a pull cord or wall switch.

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