How to Uninstall a Ceiling Fan

How to Uninstall a Ceiling Fan

It’s essential to know how to install or uninstall a ceiling fan. Because almost every house has ceiling fans and any time it can damage, you may need to upgrade your old one with a modern and functional fan.

If you have some basic tools and knowledge, you can easily uninstall the ceiling fan. For cleaning or oiling purposes, you don’t need to take it down. Before uninstalling a ceiling fan, you have to know which type of ceiling fan is it. If it is a ball-in-socket ceiling fan is easier to remove than a flush-mounted ceiling fan.

Some steps are common for both types of fans, and some are different. If you follow our step by step guide on removing the fan, you will be able to uninstall both types of fan. Follow the following steps carefully.

Step 1: Turn off the power.

This is the first step before going to any electrical contact. First, turn on the switch of fan or light in this room and turn off the breaker. If the light or fan will off, that means you are down the right breaker. Before removing wiring and metal body touching, check it with an electrical tester.

Step 2: Setup a ladder.

Setup a under the fan and make sure it is placed on level ground. Before climbing on the ladder, locked it securely.

Step 3: Remove the canopy.

For a ball-in-socket type fan, this is applicable. If you have a flash mounted ceiling fan, follow the next step. The canopy is located at the top of the downrod, and it covered all wiring. Use a screwdriver for losing screws and then take it down throw the downrod for opening the wiring.

If you cannot get it between the housing and the fan body, then your fan will probably be flash mounted and go to the next step to show how to remove more parts from the fan.

Step 4: Remove all light bulbs.

If you have a flash mounted ceiling fan with light, this step is for you. To begin, remove the light bulbs, which are usually located in a separate section of the ceiling fan that can be removed separately. Some lights you can easily remove, but others may need to unscrew cover that you can access the light.

Step 5: Remove the light kit.

You can take the fan body off without removing the light kit, but it is required for many flush-mounted ceiling fan models because the light kits cover screws that hold the full fan body. You need to lose all the screw that holds the light kit using a screwdriver for this step. Then take it down. You’ll probably have to disconnect the wires that connect the light kit to the fan on the inside.

Step 6: Remove the fan blades.

This is a very simple step, but you should be careful in every step. Fan blades are attached to the fan body with screws. If you want to reuse the blade:

  1. Keep all the screws on the ladder or in a secure place.
  2. Unscrew and remove the blade one by one.
  3. Take someone help to take the blade from you.

Step 7: Remove the wire nuts.

You are almost done. Whatever you have a flash mounted or angel mounted ceiling fan, is step is required to complete very carefully. Before removing the wire nut, take a note of the wire connection for further installation. First, rotate the nut slightly counterclockwise to remove the wire nut and then separate all wire joints by twisting.

Step 8: Take down the fan.

You are done. Now you can take it down carefully. Remove the ceiling plate from the outlet box and unscrew the mounting bracket from the ceiling plate. A ceiling fan is a piece of heavy equipment, so it should take bits of help to down it to avoid any unwanted issues.

Final Verdict:

Now you know all the steps for removing a ceiling fan. Without a step ladder or high table, don’t try to do this job. If you are confident to do, you can remove your ceiling fan or call a professional who can do this in a few minutes. If you have a ladder and screwdriver, you can try it. It’s not critical, but make sure the power supply is stopped.

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