how to wire a ceiling fan with a red wire

how to wire a ceiling fan with a red wire

Are you confused about the red wire while installing the ceiling fan? Those ceiling fans that come with the light fixture have different circuits, and one is for ceiling fans and the other for light. If you find a red wire in the ceiling box, you should also have two different switches for the light and fan. The extra red wire is for controlling the light.

Ceiling fans with the light have two different circuits, and each circuit has a black hot wire. You will also find a white neutral wire, and ground yellow wire. For reducing complexity, most fans come with a common neutral and a common ground wire. But for controlling the fan and light separately, there are two black hot wires. If you want to control both the fan and light by one wall switch, both black hot wires will be connected to one hot wire that comes from the ceiling box.

It’s normal to be confused when we see an extra red wire because most house wiring includes three cables for a ceiling fan, and black one carries the electricity and white wire for the neutral, and copper wire for the ground. So the question arises “how to wire a ceiling fan with a red wire” when we see an extra red wire.

Ceiling fan with light wiring with a red wire

Step 1: Turn off the power

Before starting your project, make sure there is no electricity to the ceiling fan box cables. It is best to flip the circuit breaker that controls electricity in that room where you are going to work. If you are unsure about the breaker that controls the fan, turn off the main breaker for safety. Also, don’t forget to test electricity using a voltage tester.

Step 2: Read the manual

Most people do not read the fan’s instruction manual. If you are not a pro electrician, you must read the manual before installing the fan.

All fans’ wiring is not the same. So, some models come with special wiring that is different from common wiring. So, read the full manual and then go for the next steps.

Step 3: Familiar with the wires

This is the most important step before installing a ceiling fan; familiar with all the wires from the ceiling box and the fan’s wires. Typically, at the installation point, you will find the white, yellow, and black wire. You might also find a red wire that supplies the power to the lamp of the fan. The white line wire is for neutral, yellow is for ground, black carries electricity for the fan, and red carries electricity for the light kit.

Step 4: Ceiling fan with light wiring

You should also learn something extra about the different colors of wire. You may also find blue and black wires, and they are phase wires. If you see a black and blue wire instead of black and red wire, notice the switchboard, you must have to be two switches on the wall. If your fan comes with a pull chain, there are two separate pull switches: one control fan and the other control light.

Now you have to be familiar with the fan wires coming out at the top of the fan. Here you will see 3 or 4 wires, and Three-wire should have a green, a white, and a black wire. If your fan comes with a light kit, you will find four wires: a red (for light), a green, a white, and a black wire.

Step 5: Hang the fan on the bracket.

Most modern ceiling fans come with a ball-hanging system. This is easy to hang and wiring. When you assemble the fan perfectly, you need to hang the fan to the bracket, and then you have to finish the wiring.

Step 6: Strip the wire’s end.

To connect the wire, you need to extract the plastic cover of the copper wire. Use a wire stripper to expose the wire. Strip about one inch at the end of all the wires that come from the ceiling. And also, those are coming out from the fan coil.

Step 7: Wire connection

Connect the white wire:

The white wire is the neutral wire, and you should find one white wire from your home wiring that comes into the ceiling fan box and another white wire that comes at the top end of the ceiling fan. Connect these two wires together and then secure them with a plastic wire nut. You can use a hand glove during a wire connection, and it provides you with extra safety.

Connect the green ground wire

You need to connect two ground wires: one comes from the ceiling, and another comes from the fan. Connect them and secure them with the wire nut.

Connect the black wire

If you have one wall switch, connect both the black and red wire that comes from the fan to the ceiling wire. If you can see a common pull switch for controlling the fan and light, you will see one black wire coming out from the fan. In that case, connect two black wires and then twist them and secure them with the wire nut.

Connect the red wire

If your fan comes with separate light controlling features with a pull switch or remote control switch, and if you have two different wall switches, you will find one red wire coming out from the ceiling fan box of the roof and another red wire from the top end of the fan. Connect them together and secure them.

Final Verdict:

Don’t be confused if you see a red wire coming from your ceiling or from your fan. This is just an extra controlling feature.

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