what size are ceiling fan light bulbs

What Size Are Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

When burn out a ceiling fan light bulb, it is crucial to know the correct sizes of the bulb to buy a similar one that will be fit in the fixture. But the question is how to measure the light bulb, and this is not a complicated job if you know the process.

When you first measure, you may wonder how to measure, where to start, and which measurement need to take. This article will clear you all confusion.

Let’s take a look.

There are two measurements width and length. Typically the measurement is labeled by eighths of an inch, or some measures are marked by millimeters.

Length measurement of a ceiling fan light bulb

This is very easy to take the length measurement. But if you want to take accurate measurement measures from the bottom to the top. You can keep it between two books or hold it beside a wall, mark the top level of the glass or plastic bulb, and take the measurement using a ruler or a measurement tape.

When measuring the length, such as a fluorescent tube, start at the tips of the pins on both ends.

The width measurement of a ceiling fan light bulb

Each light bulb provides a code on the body of the bulb that indicates its measurement and types. But the question is, which size they mentioned. They mention the diameter at the widest point of a bulb. So, you need to measure at the widest point during the measurement of your old bulb.

For example: If you see an A21 bulb, what does it means. Here are two things in A21. Here “A” indicate types of bulb, and this is a classic A-series light bulb. And 21 refer to the diameter of 21 eighths of an inch at the weakest point. If you divide the number of 21 by 8, you will get the measurement in inches.

You must also measure your bulb at its widest point to get the correct width measurement, which will vary depending on the type of bulb you choose.

Measuring the base of a light bulb

The light bulb base is measured in millimeters, and it is also labeled by a code that is almost similar to the bulb size measurement code. For example: if you see E27, this is a standard light bulb base code where E refers to an Edison screw base, and 27 is the diameter of the base, and this is 27mm.

The bases of screws and bayonets are measured from around the bottom. But fluorescent tubes are measured by the distance between two pins.

Some resources:

See this diagram: https://www.westinghouselighting.com/lighting-education/bulb-size.aspx

Shape and Size Chart: https://www.bulbs.com/learning/shapesandsizes.aspx


Different types of light bulbs are used in ceiling fan light kits. It is important to identify the types to get proper lighting in your areas.

LED light bulb

LED is a technology that has grown in popularity in recent years due to the many benefits it offers. Many people find LED light bulbs to be more efficient than other bulbs in your home; for this reason, they are starting to replace the bulbs in their homes. One of the benefits of LED bulbs is that they offer more visibility when compared to CFL light bulbs. LEDs often last longer than CFLs and can even provide better visibility when in motion. They use substantially less power than an incandescent or fluorescent bulb.

Halogen light bulb

Halogen light is a type of electric light that is similar to an incandescent light bulb. It produces very bright light, and it is often used in commercial and home lighting. This type of light is commonly used for ceiling fans and other fixtures that require a higher level of illumination. One of the benefits of this type of light is that it doesn’t produce any ultraviolet radiation, so it’s much better for your health than an incandescent light bulb.

Fluorescent light bulb

Fluorescent light is created by applying an electric current to gases in a glass tube. This process is called “cold” lighting because the light is emitted with little heat energy. The gas inside the tube gives off ultraviolet light that strikes the fluorescent coating, causing it to release phosphor particles that emit visible light.

Benefits of Incandescent light bulb

It consumes more electricity than any other type of light. Incandescent light bulbs are the type of light bulb that is most commonly used in homes. They are bright, give off great quality of light, and are the most efficient regarding how much energy they use. They are more expensive than CFLs but are still cheaper than LEDs, so if you are looking for bright, warm light, incandescent light bulbs are your best bet.

Final Verdict:

If you have a ceiling fan in your home, it may be more than just an air circulator. With so many choices of light bulbs available, finding the right one can be difficult. You might choose a standard light bulb or a CFL/LED bulb instead, depending on the size and type of the fan.

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